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As a certified Aromatherapist, our Founder & CEO, Paula Cattano, had always been drawn to the natural world and the amazing gifts that it offers to all of us.  An avid "label reader" of both food and body care products, she became more convinced that many products did nothing to nourish the body or improve health.  So she set out to change that with Surfz Up Organics.  All of our products' ingredients are formulated to improve and maintain the healthy condition of your skin, which is your body's largest organ.  With the help of her loving family she did just that.

We are the mothers, sisters, and wives of a handsome surf-loving family.  Our very first product, Ball Balm, was born to ease our boys’ surf rash.  We formulated our SURFER CORE™ product line based on the surfing needs of our family, but as our friends, and then their friends used our plant-based formulas we were encouraged to develop new products to meet a diversity of skin care needs.  

We started by taking care of our family, now we would like to take care of yours, with our organic based skin care offerings.  Our products are handcrafted using the finest organic ingredients that nature has to offer.  Our products fundamentally nurture the skin with nature’s bounty of over 80 different botanical ingredients derived into formulas to soothe and promote beautiful skin for people of all ages, from the energetic to the sublimely content.   

Surfz Up Organics® has its roots firmly grounded in love that sustains family, care that sustains the environment and flexibility that sustains business.  


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