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Our Philosophy

Rather than tell you what is not in our products, we prefer to tell you what is.  We challenge you to compare our ingredients, because we know you will like what you find. 

Surfz Up Organics uses the healing, therapeutic properties of organic, botanical and pure essential oils, along with other all natural ingredients in our product formulations.  All of our products are rich and nourishing for your body.  The aroma of our products is derived from our proprietary blends of essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance oils.  We strive to procure the finest certified organic ingredients, from around the world to nurture the soul in a wide range of qualities from calming your mind to uplifting your spirits. 

We desire to provide high quality products made with concern for health, welfare and love to all of our customers.  Through our botanical line of skincare formulas we extend the same quality of care that we offer our own family, to everyone who uses them. 

Surfz Up Organics is committed or protecting the environment and its valuable resources.  When formulating our products, we strive to utilize ingredients which are sustainably grown to ensure constant renewal of our planet.  We minimize unnecessary packaging and encourage customers to recycle our product's packaging and containers.  We believe in Fair Trade and make great efforts to do business with suppliers that support Fair Trade Practices.  We practice flexibility to sustain business from our doorstep to yours.

All of our products are formulated without palm oil, by using our products you will not be contributing to the deforestation which threatens thousands of species, specifically the critically endangered Orangutans of SE Asia. 

We think Gandhi said it best, "The greatness and moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  We strongly agree with this philosophy and do not use any animal ingredients or conduct animal testing of our products. We believe that it is best to love what you do and do it well!  We also think work should always be FUN!   

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